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Colombia is a banquet of sensations and tastes, enriched by its beautiful beaches and flora and fauna, its diversity of climates, its heavenly landscapes and its wonderful people, full of tradition, waiting to meet you.

Barranquilla, a city considered as the golden port of Colombia, is renowned for its incredible carnivals, which have been designated as World Oral and Incorporeal Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003. Live it!

Bogotá, cultural and modern political capital of Colombia, a beautiful savannah full of high plains and majestic landscapes. Visit it!

Bucaramanga, the pretty city, trapped in time has a hotel infrastructure ready to invite you to live some new adventures. We dare you!

Cali, known as a branch of heaven, full of beautiful, merry people, who will move your life to a new rhythm of salsa music. Go for it!

Cartagena de Indias, the little corral of rocks is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, full of history, romanticism and joy, named in 1984 by UNESCO as World Patrimony of Humanity . . . Obligatory destination!

La Guajira, where the sun and the sea combine in imposing landscapes that create unmatchable works of art. Feel it!

Medellin, the city of flowers, is an ideal destination for family tourism, full of enchantment, modern commercial centers and malls, and of course, very friendly people.

San Andres is a magical island with golden beaches and sea, contrasting with differing shapes of blue that evoke pleasure and relaxation. Enjoy it!

Santa Marta, land of the Tayronas, where the enchantment and culture of its inhabitants will leave you spellbound. Dare to visit!

Amazon, worlds lungs, place of infinite green, where you can find majestic rivers, exotic species such as the pink dolphin, black alligator, victoria regia, poisonous frogs, fabulous insects and where we can find indigenous communities coexisting with the amazing, but difficult habitat. Here, we can connect with our beautiful mother earth and understand the important role she plays in our lives.

Coffee Triangle, conformed by the cities of Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, is known for producing the best coffee in the world. In this particular region you can appreciate the unique wax palm trees (national tree), observe beautiful cloud forest, experience fascinating natural parks and indulge in its distinctive cuisine, such as the bandeja paisa and the sancocho which are dishes rich in protein and carbohydrates. Nevertheless, the most beautiful feature about this area is its people.

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We are a travel agency of receptive tourism with a recognized trajectory as professional operators of Congresses, Fairs, Conventions and Trips. We have specialized departments for Congresses and Conventions, Employee Incentives and Events, Festival and Fairs, Social Events, Weddings, Tourism and Vacations.

Founded in 1982, Gema Tours has a professional and friendly human resource, supported by a solid infrastructure which permits an excellent service at a national and international level. Its headquarters is located in Cartagena de Indias, and possesses four strategic branches in Bogotá, Medellín, San Andres Islands, and Santa Marta. Our portfolio of services includes a modern line of our own buses, operating under license from the Ministry of Transportation. With a friendly professional team, Gema Tours offers its services of expertise not only in cities where its offices are located, but also through strategic alliances with at a national level and at an international level.


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