Why visit The Netherlands?

Visionary architecture, vintage-meets-contemporary fashion and interiors, street markets selling rainbows of fresh flowers, haring (raw herring), caramel-filled stroopwafels (caramel-syrup-filled waffles) and cheese, and borrel (‘drinks’) at canal-side cafés are all reasons that people love The Netherlands.

But above all The Netherlands are especially known for its spirit. If something doesn’t exist, we will design it, build it, manufacture it, recycle it, craft it, launch it (the Netherlands is one of the world’s hottest start-up hubs) and make it a reality. There’s a sense that anything’s possible here (and it invariably is).

In this presentation we would like to show you a glimpse of why you should visit The Netherlands. Let us take care of the organisation so you can enjoy all that our country has to offer!

  • Vibrant cities
  • Exclusive event venues
  • Inspirational meeting environments
  • Unique restaurants & cafes
  • Activities: from creative & cultural to adrenaline
  • Our people getting things done
  • BE our VIP

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